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This spring, Millennials became the largest demographic in the American workforce.
I know what you're thinking... Sweet Mother of God.
U.S. Labor Force by Generation. 1995 - 2015.
In Millions
Are you...
a time-strapped manager struggling to consistently attract, train, motivate, and retain your Millennial talent?
You've made it this far, keep reading for eye-opening infographics, best practices, and thought-leading companies.
Here's How to
Let's take a look at the areas where Managers' views of Millennial priorities are Different than Millennials' Actual priorities:
So How About We...
get on the same wavelength and remember what each other needs:
Focus, consistency, and accountability.
Proactiveness, patience, and persistence.
Mentoring, coaching, and guidance.
Feedback, direction, and recognition.
Collaboration, creativity, and purpose.
Passion, relentlessness, and new ideas.
Who's Winning?
Companies that embrace technology, open communication, and team culture.
Early adopters score more victories in marketing, sales, and service.
Get Technology...
In a nutshell, here are the biggest Millennial dilemmas:
  • Lack of discipline and direction
  • Inadequate coaching, training, and professional development
  • The need for passion about product, company, and role
Some Top Tools and Companies
fixing Millennial dilemmas:
Don't know who read your email? What are you a Gen X-er?
Say Yes to Yesware
And Save the Millennials
Not tracking employee productivity on a daily basis?
Get Ambition
And Save the Millennials
Still unsure who's actually watching your presentations?
Call Clearslide
And Save the Millennials
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